Kickstarter NG Game SCUM LORD!

2014-01-31 13:44:26 by PastryMan

Hey guys, I just launched a Kickstarter for my first game, Scum Lord! If the game get's funded it will be available free to play here on Newgrounds.

"Scum Lord is a 2D Top-Down action adventure game for PC, Mac, and Linux that explores the many possibilities of the Grappling Hook mechanic. You will use the hook to kill enemies, move obstacles and puzzles, launch yourself onto platforms, and defeat the several bosses in the game. Retro-styled, Super Nintendo inspired pixel graphics illustrate the several levels of the game, evolving the atmosphere as the game progresses from simple and cute into dark and sinister. Scum Lord might seem like any other friendly indie game, but the finale is sure to be heavy, brutal, and unforgettable."

I'd really love it if you could check it out and help us reach our dreams!

Boss "Firth"1711169_139119353191_ScreenShot2014-01-20at2.24.48AM.png1711169_139119361912_ScreenShot2014-01-22at9.09.36PM.png

"The development of Scum Lord was influenced by a few old school games such as Castlevania and Zelda and Shoot 'Em Ups like Abadox. The level structure and progression is similar to Super Castlevania IV, as is the difficulty (unlimited continues, but losing all your lives brings you back to the start of the level.) The bosses and puzzles share some with any Zelda title, as every boss has a gimmick or hidden weakness and is fought entirely differently than any other. The game also has a lot of bullet dodging-- for those of us that like to dodge bullets."

It told me to make a post..

2007-08-31 23:49:07 by PastryMan

So I did.